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Do you need some musical inspiration? Perhaps for meditation, working out, doing sports, or calming down after intense working day? Here it is! And for free 🙂

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Sri Chinmoy’un Barış Konseri, Tokyo 1984

This is a recording from Sri Chinmoy’s 15th Peace Concert in Suganami Hall, Tokyo, Japan – one of Sri Chinmoy’s earliest public peace concerts. During the concert, Sri Chinmoy played on instruments, such as the western flute, esraj, sitar, and harmonium.

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Pavaka Enseble

The Pavaka Ensemble is a Montreal-based vocal and instrumental group that has been performing since 2005 in Canada, the US, Europe and Russia. The musicians vary from location to location but the songs performed are always melodies composed by Indian mystic Sri Chinmoy and arranged by the group, usually giving the songs a more Western flair.

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Blue Flower

In artists’ words:

“Blue Flower music group was spontaneously formed in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1998 out of our love and appreciation towards the music of Sri Chinmoy. We arrange Sri Chinmoy’s songs combining eastern and western instruments with voices and then share them with the music-lovers and spiritual seekers in free concerts. So far we have given many concerts in Serbia and surrounding countries.”

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Sri Chinmoy’un Montepellier konseri videosu